In fresh Meta layoffs, an engineer’s fears come true after ‘2 long months’

An Austin-based Enterprise Engineer who joined Meta in June last year has revealed he got laid off in the company’s latest round of job cuts, saying he had ‘mixed feelings’ since February about if he will be retained, with his apprehensions proving to be true after ‘2 long months of waiting.’

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Yoonhwan Kim made the announcement in what he said was his first-ever post on LinkedIn.

“New path begins…didn’t expect to post my first Linkedin post as ‘I lost my job,’ but it is what it is,” Kim wrote.

Yoonhwan Kim’s LinkedIn post.

He continued: “It was late February when I got re-orged to (a) different team and new layoff rumours emerged, which turns out to be official in March. I had mixed feeling that I might be okay, but at the same time I might be (the) one to let go.”

And, after waiting for 2 long months, Kim said he received a mail, informing him of his job cut, at 4:30 am. “Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep but also dare not check my work email until 5 am PT (when we know we are safe), so I was looking at my personal phone, expecting that whatever mail would be sent to my personal email,” he noted.

Though he described his termination as a ‘bitter pill to swallow,’ the now-former Meta employee was also glad that ‘it is over.’ The parent organisation of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp turned out to be a ‘good place’ to start his career, both technically and culturally, Kim remarked.

He concluded his post by saying he was open to relocate, or do remote work, and was looking for a Junior level software engineering job.

Layoffs at Meta

In November last year, the social media company laid off 11,000 workers, in the largest such drive in its history. Then, in March, CEO Zuckerberg announced 10,000 more roles will be eliminated. Of these 10,000 people, as many as 4,000 were released in April, and it is the remaining 6,000 who are being relieved now.

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