Tinder releases Future of Dating Report 2023. Here’s what it found

Tinder has released its Future of Dating Report 2023, with this being the second edition of the study, which was originally published in 2021.

The report highlights nine trends, built on three broad themes (Representational Image)(Unsplash)

“The study reveals that 18-25-year-olds (Gen Z) are supercharging dating in a way that no previous generation has done before them. Building upon the success of our original 2021 report, which exposed new dating trends influenced by the pandemic, this year’s report highlights nine trends, built on three broad themes: Inclusivity, Technology, and the overarching theme of Authenticity,” the dating application said in a press release.

Tinder Future of Dating Report 2023

For the report, Tinder says it teamed up with Paul C Brunson, its Expert in Relationship Insights. The study decodes what the future of dating looks like today, according to Tinder.

The trends highlighted

(1.) ‘I am cringe but I am free’

(2.) ‘Dating starts with me’

(3.) ‘Quit playing games with my time’

(4.) ‘Welcome to my manifestation era’

(5.) ‘I’ll have a scotch and soda, hold the scotch’

(6.) ‘Technology doesn’t threaten me, it supports me’

(7.) ‘The world is my neighbourhood’

(8.) ‘And everyone is my neighbour’

(9.) ‘Should we even call it “Dating”?’

Key findings

(1.) Among dating app users, 55% said they have been in a relationship with someone they met on Tinder (external survey).

(2.) 37%, on the other hand, said they know people who began a relationship with a match found on the network.

(3.) 64% of young singles are comfortable with awkward/cringey situations if being done for a genuine purpose. Among 86% participants aged 18-24, the ‘top green flag’ for a relationship is if they are comfortable being themselves with their match (Tinder survey).

(4.) For 39% participants, their personal growth and mental well-being is the top priority in terms of goals for the next 3-5 years. Accordingly, for 75% of young singles, attraction for the partner increases if the latter is open to, or is currently working on mental well-being.

(5.) 77% respondents said they reply to a crush within 30 minutes, with 40% saying they do so within five minutes, and a further 33% reply immediately.

(6.) 68% use dating apps even at workplace, and 32% have gone on a date even on workdays.

(7.) This year, as many as 88% of those surveyed intend to go on a sober date, with 52% planning to cut down on alcohol consumption or not consume at all.

(8.) 34% members would use artificial intelligence (AI) to build or improve their profile on the app. Unsurprisingly, then, bio mentions of ChatGPT have increased 14 times since Jan 1.

(9.) 66% respondents agree Tinder allows them to meet people from outside of their friendship circle, or with someone they would have otherwise never met in their day-to-day life.

(10.) 61% of young singles are now open to interracial marriage or multi-cultural relationships, while 80% have been on a date with someone from a different ethnicity. Also, since 2021, there has been a 30% rise in gender identities other than male or female.

What is Gen Z?

The dating service defines ‘Gen Z’ as ‘people born between 1997 and 2012.’ In Tinder’s case, they are aged between 18 and 25, and account for more than half of the app’s total membership base.

About Tinder

Launched in 2012 by Sean Rad, Tinder has gone on to become the world’s most famous app to meet new people, and has been downloaded more than 500 million (50 crore) times. It is available in 190 countries, and across more than 45 languages.

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