Reasons why friendships can feel one-sided: Therapist explains

Friendships are one of the most beautiful relationships in the world. A friendship is based on unconditional love, promises of having each other’s back forever and bittersweet memories. As we grow older, we start to prioritise our romantic relationships over friendships. But just like any relationship, a friendship also demands nurturing and our time. Often, we end up taking our friendships for granted, and that leads to us separating ways with time. In order to not let it happen, we need to start making time for our friends and putting in effort in ensuring that they know how much we care about them. Sometimes, a friendship can feel one-sided due to multiple reasons. Addressing this, Therapist Israa Nasir wrote, ” One-sided friendships suck but they aren’t always a personal issue.” She further explained a few reasons why friendships can feel one-sided.

Reasons why friendships can feel one-sided: Therapist explains(Unsplash )

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Not giving opportunity: When we are the more active one in the friendship, and our life revolves around a strict routine, we are the ones always ending up making plans at our convenience. This may make the other person feel that they are not important enough to be considered.

Priorities: Sometimes our priorities change and we genuinely become busy in life, not being able to provide time for our loved ones, even though we want to.

Boundaries: Even in friendships, sometimes we struggle with people-pleasing behaviors and the need of constantly reminding others of our boundaries.

Frustrating: Friendships are meant to be both-sided with equal importance. However, when it starts to feel really one-sided, it can be extremely frustrating.

Social anxiety: Especially observed in new friendships, people struggle with social anxiety or the shyness of reaching out first. This can make the friendship feel one-sided, even though it is not.

Level of friendship: Just like a relationship, the level of friendship experienced by the people in it can vary as well. While one can be extremely attached, another person may not feel the same. In such cases, the friendship can feel one-sided as well.

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