Sounds really funny: Aashish Mehrotra on Paras Kanlawat’s claims that 80% cast wants to exit TV show Anupamaa

It was last year when actor Paras Kalnawat, who was an integral part of the daily soap Anupamaa left the show. And now, he has made a statement through social media that, “80% of the cast would want to exit if given an opportunity.”

Aashish Mehrotra talks about his show Anupamaa

Actor Aashish Mehrotra laughs off Kalnawat’s claims and says there’s no truth in it. “I don’t know what made him say that. It is really funny so I really have no comment on it. Anyone can say anything. If a show’s off screen energy is negative, then it reflects on the show’s quality as well. If you do anything from a negative heart, it will always show in your body language or on your face and even in your work. The set’s vibe is really good. And this statement sounds really funny to me,” says Mehrotra, who plays the role of Paritosh Shah in the popular show.

The 33-year-old rubbishes such remarks and says there’s nothing wrong with the treatment given to the star cast. “The show is made by one of the best production houses in the industry. Regarding their payment and their adjustments, the makers are very cordial and supportive. With any decision, the producers always prioritise the show and can’t make it suffer,” he continues, “Even as artiste ourselves, we don’t want that. And if there’s anything that is in an artiste’s mind, we compromise and sacrifice for the show because we all have to make it together. And today, the positions where Anupamaa stands, there can’t be any sort of negative energy behind it.”

Contrary to what Kanlawat said, Mehrotra says he, in fact, gets to learn a lot from his senior fellow actors and the director of the show. “It is beautiful. You learn a lot from Sudhanshu (Pandey) sir and Rupali (Ganguly) ma’am. They tell you so much on how to improve. And even Romesh Kalra sir, the main director of the show. Everyone is so involved. If you’re walking out of the show and commenting bad things about it, either you are not happy outside, or you are not happy with the people who are happy already,” points the actor.

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