Harshita recalls ‘we all cried’ when Molkki 2 was called off air in a month

Actor Harshita Kashyap, who was most recently seen in the second part of Colors’ popular TV show Molkki, has said she was shocked to know that the show would be pulled down within a month of its premiere. In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, she recounts her journey in showbiz, the difficulties of being an outsider, and more. (Also read: Molkki 2 shuts down owing to clash between channel and production? )

Harshita Kashyao talks about her journey in showbiz in this exclusive interview with Hindustan Times.

Asked about her first reaction when she got to know that Molkki – Rishton Ki Agnipariksha would be pulled off air, Harshita said, “Getting a chance to work with Balaji (production house behind Molkki) was like my childhood dream. for the very first time, I was playing a non-glam role and had to work on my diction as well as my body language. My excitement was on its peak and the crew was also amazing and supportive. When we came to know about the show going off air, we were all shocked. My reaction was that ‘I can’t take it’. In fact, we all cried, we were all so emotionally attached.”

Asked if she was informed about the decision soon enough, Harshita insisted the producers were professional and the team was informed within time. She added, “They were transparent, though I kept hoping Ekta ma’am (Ekta Kapoor, producer of the show) would do some magic and bring the show back. I actually have no idea about the reason, but it must be something very strong.”

Harshita had recently mentioned that she had to let go of a few Bollywood projects as she wanted to be a part of the daily soap. Asked if she’d be able to cope up with the fact that a project she put all her bets on abruptly ended, she said, “We can’t do much about it actually. I believe I will get more good projects. I am not worrying about it. Also, Balaji has a great reputation for repeating their actors and maintaining good relations with them. So, I hope for the best.”

Molkki – Rishton Ki Agnipariksha premiered in mid-February and was pulled off air in the third week of March 2023. The first season of the show premiered in 2020 and ran for more than year. The first season featured Priyal Mahajan, Amar Upadhyay, Anushka Sharma, and Rithvik Gupta while the second season also starred Shahab Khan, Neha Chandra, Ashish Singh, Moin Khan, and Piyali Munshi.

Recalling her initial days in the industry, Harshita said it was difficult as an outsider. “It was very difficult, coming here and knowing nothing at all. I was not even aware of the production houses where I should start looking for work…where to apply etc. Outsiders are mostly unaware of where to go. Once you get a job, it is up to you to prove your talent. The camera and audience do not discriminate between outsiders and insiders. I think the uncertainties of the industry make it more difficult. Especially, one needs to be financially secure.”

Harshita also revealed that she is playing the lead role in the sequel to Mehndi. Rani Mukerji played the lead role in the 1998 film Mehndi which talked about domestic violence and the problems of dowry. The film was directed by Hamid Ali who is also working on the film’s upcoming sequel.

“I am very fond of Rani Mukerji so when Hamid sir offered me Mehndi, I was shocked and surprised. I was shooting for Ye Hoti Hai Maa with him and he kept telling me ‘You will become like Rani Mukerji, you keep working hard’. Mehndi was a beautiful movie. After a few weeks (of their first film together), Hamid sir announced Mehndi 2, and said I will play the main protagonist. It was like a dream come true for me. I can only tell you that the film should go on floors in a few weeks and the first schedule will be shot in Lucknow,” Harshita said.

She added, “My role will be different from Rani Mukerji’s film, but the film will have a social message. Just wait and watch. Being in the sequel is a great opportunity and a good responsibility too. I know I may be compared and judged, but the perks of doing this are far better.”

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