Anupamaa actor Nidhi Shah on Para Kalnawat’s claims: Why would anyone leave a show that’s number one for the past three years

Actor Paras Kalnawat, who was a part of the daily soap Anupamaa, recently shared the reason behind him leaving the show during an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram. He wrote, “I would always be thankful to the makers for giving me such a great show. But yaaron kahin pahunchne ke liye kahin se nikalna zaroori hota hai and I believe I’m at a much better and peaceful place. Honestly speaking 80% of the cast would want to exit if given an opportunity. Risk lene ki aur sahi ke liye ladne ki taakat har kisi mein nahi hoti,” he wrote while replying to one of the fans.

Nidhi Shah talks about her show Anupamaa

Now, actor Nidhi Shah who stars in the same show, disagrees with Kanlawat’s remarks and clears the air. “The show is doing too well and it’s for a reason. Each member of the cast is loving (and enjoying) what they’re doing and everything is coming out so well,” says Shah, who plays the role of Kinjal in Anupamaa.

Addressing Kalnawat’s exit from the show last year, the 24-year-old adds, “Why would anyone leave a show which is number one for the past three years? You see the life of other shows – I think there are hardly three or four shows with such longevity. Other shows go off air in like six or seven months.”

That being said, Shah notes that if one gets a “better and more promising opportunity”, it’s obvious for them to go forward. “But, I don’t think there’s anyone on our set who is willing to leave. Nobody has any pressure over here,” she stresses, adding, “And, if someone wants to leave, they will leave. Nobody is going to beg anyone that, ‘Please stay, shooting is not moving forward without you’. Everything is fine over here. I don’t understand why Paras is saying all these things when it’s not required.”

Asked if she personally has faced any issue while shooting for the show, Shah elaborates, “There is nothing like that. In every office, at every place, everyone has their own point of view and complaints. Everyone has their own thinking and their own differences. Some people may or may not agree with you. But that doesn’t mean you will leave the show and then blame it. It’s easy to blame. To each its own, I don’t know what it is. But right now, all I can say is that over here the atmosphere is nice. Everyone is happy in their own space. We are doing a great job and the show is at the top for a reason.”

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