Twitter to allow users to watch videos while scrolling

Starting next week, Twitter will add 15 second forward and backward seek buttons while watching a video, social media giant’s owner Elon Musk confirmed in a reply to user.

Musk also said that Twitter will also enable pic in pic enabling users to watch video while scrolling their feeds. A Twitter user replied, “Thanks. Exactly this feature is one I too want and thought was lacking”. Another user commented, “Thank you, I skip so many videos because of this”.

Elon Musk has been introducing several changes to Twitter ever since taking over the social media platform for $44 billion last October.

Recently, the billionaire announced that the Twitter Blue subscribers can upload videos of up to two hours duration or 8 GB size. But a non-Twitter Blue subscriber can upload videos of only up to 140 seconds.

Twitter is now set to face stiff competition from Meta-owned platform Instagram which is set to release a text-based app to compete with the Musk-owned platform.

Twitter Blue users will be able to edit tweets and post longer videos, among other features. (File)

Meta is testing the project idea with celebrities and influencers. Instagram as been discussing with select creators for months, though none of them has been able to access the full version of the app.

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