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Keeping blood sugar levels in check is no mean task and requires dedicated efforts in terms of diet, discipline and active lifestyle. A diabetes diagnosis comes with a range of lifestyle changes and it does take some time to correct faulty food habits and turn sedentary lifestyle into a more active one. Mornings are the best time to set the tone of the entire day and if you are struggling with this metabolic disorder, why not start your day in a diabetes-friendly way by consuming ingredients (herbs, plant-based foods, seeds) that will help prevent your blood sugar spikes throughout the day. Once you are able to make this one big change in your routine, and your cravings, energy levels and moods improve, you will be motivated to do better every day. (Also read: Diabetes: Bedtime rituals that can help manage blood sugar)

Mornings are the best time to set the tone of the entire day and if you are struggling with this metabolic disorder, why not start your day in a diabetes-friendly way (Pinterest, Freepik)

Here are 5 drinks suggested by Dietician Manpreet Kalra that can help control your blood sugar.

1. Methi seeds water

Methi or fenugreek seeds have proven benefits to improve insulin sensitivity naturally. High in soluble fibre and saponins methi seeds can help control blood glucose by slowing down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. Methi seed is also a superfood for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Methi seed water can also help correct discolouration of skin or skin tag. Starting your day with methi seed water can help keep your blood sugar in control for the entire day. Soak 1–2 tablespoons of seeds overnight and drink as a tea.

2. Amla aloe vera juice

The potent combination of amla and aloe vera helps regulates blood sugar levels by enhancing insulin secretion. Amla has anti-diabetic properties and helps boost blood glucose metabolism. Aloe vera also provides benefits for people with diabetes as a study suggests that consuming aloe vera gel can help people achieve better fasting blood sugar levels, apart from helping reduce body weight. The juice can also help with various skin issues. Amla aloe vera sugar can be consumed by adding honey, sugar, lemon juice, rock sugar or long pepper. People also have amla aloe vera juice with bitter gourd juice.

3. Chia seeds water

Rich in fibre, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds have a low glycaemic index, and prevent blood sugar spikes. One can soak a tablespoon of chia seeds in a bottle of water and add lemon slices to it. This will also help with skin dryness apart from its benefits in lowering cholesterol levels.

4. Tulsi tea

Tulsi has hypoglycaemic and anti-inflammatory properties that help manage diabetes and its complications. Tulsi improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism and also helps manage autoimmune disorders and improve immunity. Tulsi tea can be made by boiling water, adding a few (7-8) leaves of tulsi, ginger, and lemon juice.

5. Coriander seed water

Coriander seeds have flavonoids that reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. They also maintain insulin activity that help in controlling blood sugar levels. Consuming coriander seed water can also help those suffering from thyroid and water retention issues.

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