J-Hope undergoes training at military camp in new pics, BTS fans share updates

Fans of BTS member J-Hope have shared new pictures and videos of the rapper training in a military camp, on social media platforms. In a new picture, J-Hope dressed in uniform washed his face with water from a bottle. In another photo, he was seen doing exercises with his fellow trainees. (Also Read | BTS’ J-Hope has the sweetest gift for parents, shares handwritten note from army)

BTS’ J-Hope at the military camp.

The pictures were shared on Twitter by @MinSyaYoon1 with the caption, “05/18 it’s been a month since J-Hope has been in the army, he’s in his last week of soldier training. They began training war casualties, nuclear weapons, and biological chemicals. Right after that week he could have some benefits like cell phone use and vacation.”

In another photo, shared on Instagram, J-Hope was seen with several other soldiers as they trained in a forest. He also posed with them for a picture. In all the photos, he was seen in his uniform with the number ‘1’ written on his helmet. Reacting to the post, a fan wrote, “Hobi is working hard in the military camp. So proud of you.”

J-Hope was seen with several other soldiers as they trained in a forest.

A comment read, “Good luck. It will be difficult at first. By the end of the service, it becomes easier and more relaxed.” An Instagram user said, “Fighting my sunshine. Miss you so much.” “Hobi be safe & well. You are our hope,” wrote another fan. “All of us army’s are so proud of Hobi,” an Instagram user.

In another clip, J-Hope was seen posing and saluting while looking at the camera with his team members. The brief clip also showed the soldiers cheering. The clip was shared on Twitter with the caption, “J-Hope in the military.” J-Hope entered a South Korean boot camp in April this year, a few months after Jin, and began his 18-month compulsory military service.

In December, Jin, the oldest member of BTS became the group’s first member to enter the army after revoking his request to delay his conscription. There was a heated public debate in 2022 over whether to offer special exemptions of mandatory military service for BTS members. However, the group’s management agency BigHit Music announced in October that all seven members would fulfill their duties.

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