‘I felt like an outcast’: David Warner opens up about growing up in a multicultural locality in Australia

David Warner believes growing up in the multicultural locality helped him to become a better person and it educated him before even he started to travel the world.

“My upbringing was very multicultural. I grew up with Turkish heritage, Lebanese heritage, Syrian, Indian, Bangladesh, Chinese, you name it,” Warner said on the show Breakfast with Champions hosted by Gaurav Kapoor.

“Everything was at my school. For me as an Australian I almost felt like I was the outcast becasue it was very multicultural.

“It taught me different foods as well. A lot of my Greek friends, you know a lot of their foods, their you know, their koftas and stuff. A lot of them were bringing the ‘Baklava,’ lot of desserts.. and everything was all mum’s cooking. I was like, ‘Man I am coming to your house for feed .. i am sick of the steak and chips at home, I’m cominbg there cause that’s tasty.”

Warner recollected how he was taken back when for the first time he visted his childhood friend, who had a bangladesh background and saw everyone eating on the floor.

“Me and him as kids grew up, played in the same cricket team. He always aspired to play for Bangladesh.. even though he grew up in Australia.

“I would go to his place and would eat on the floor. And I’d be like ‘Man, why are we eating on the floor? He’s like ‘That’s what we do. That’s our culture.

“So from a young age, at like 11 years of age I was already educated before I travelled. So, I knew how different cultures were and I loved it.”

Warner reveals he knows only bad words in Bangla and “Aami tomake bhalobashi“, which means ‘I Love you.’

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