How to obtain the Dark Armour in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In Nintendo Switch’s most anticipated title, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players have the opportunity to discover and utilize a variety of armour sets, each offering unique bonuses and advantages.

Unlock the Dark Armour set bonus and enhance your gameplay experience in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. (Image Credit: Nintendo)

These specific armour sets can enhance Link’s melee damage, stamina, and elemental resistance, and even provide illumination in dark areas of the map.

One particularly notable set is The Dark Armour, which not only pays homage to the iconic Dark Link character but also grants players increased speed during nighttime hours, allowing for swift traversal across the vast Hyrule landscape. To unlock this whole set, players must obtain all three pieces of the Dark Armour and activate the set bonus.

Obtaining the legendary set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is not an overly challenging task. However, it does require a substantial investment of Poes, the in-game currency, depending on the extent of exploration players are willing to undertake.

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To assist new players in their quest for the Dark Armour, here is a guide on where to find each piece of this coveted set.

How to find the Dark Tunic in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To obtain the Dark Tunic in The Breathe of the Wild sequel, players can follow a relatively straightforward process, although it involves venturing into the Depths and engaging in some Poe farming.

First players will already need to visit the Depths to unlock Link’s Camera and obtain the Autobuild power, making it a convenient opportunity to explore the darkness.

Dark Tunic Location. (Image Credit: Nintendo)

While exploring the Depths of Hyrule, players will come across small, ethereal blue objects known as Poes. These Poes are often found in groups and serve as collectibles. For the Dark Tunic, players will need to gather a total of 150 Poes.

Once players have gathered the necessary 150 Poes, they should return to Lookout Landing and locate the Bargainer Statue situated in a small enclosure where they need to interact with Josha and Robbie. It’s a simple matter of engaging in a trade, exchanging the 150 Poes for the coveted Dark Tunic.

How to find the Dark Hood in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To achieve the second piece of the Dark Armor set, the Dark Hood, players must embark on a journey to locate the sixth Bargainer Statue, known as the Cliff Bargainer Statue. Unlocking the location of this statue from the original Bargainer Statue at Lookout Landing comes at a cost of approximately 510 Poes.

The Cliff Bargainer Statue marks the last destination pointed out by the Bargainer Statue at Lookout Landing.

Dark Hood location. (Image Credit: Nintendo)

In the far North of the Depths, reaching the sixth Bargainer Statue requires players to navigate through challenging terrain. They will need to ascend a towering mountain and conquer the ascent of a colossal humanoid-style statue until they reach its face. (The precise coordinates for the sixth Bargainer Statue are -1032, 2689, -0273).

Once players arrive at the designated location, they will be required to trade 300 Poes in exchange for the coveted Dark Hood.

How to find the Dark Trouser in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Dark Leggings can be easily obtained in Tears of the Kingdom by following a specific path.

To achieve these leggings, players will need to locate the fourth Bargainer Statue, which is situated within the Depths. The Bargainer Statue at Lookout Landing will provide helpful guidance, albeit at a cost of 210 Poes (This payment includes 10 Poes for the second statue location, 100 Poes for the third, and an additional 100 Poes for the fourth statue).

Once players have paid the required Poes, they should return to the Depths and make their way to the spot marked on the map by the Bargainer Statue at Lookout Landing. Those who prefer not to spend Poes can find the Wellspring of Power Bargainer Statue at coordinates 3704, 2598, -0416.

Upon reaching the designated location, players can interact with the newly discovered Bargainer Statue and proceed to purchase the Dark Trousers in exchange for 200 Poes. This will complete the set of Dark Armour, providing players with all three pieces necessary to unlock the set bonus.

With their newly acquired armour set, they will be ready to face the treacherous challenges and adventures that await in the game.

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