Impact of parenting on the future of children

Healthy parenting can impact a child beyond limits, thereby chiseling their emotions and the way they portray and grow themselves later, to create healthy spaces in their adult relationships. The way we are brought up by our parents and in our homes has a direct impact on the way we become adults. From having secure emotions to knowing how to inculcate feelings to healthy communications, to knowing our own limits and growing our own boundaries, parenting has a direct impact in all of that. “May we honor, support parents, and prioritise parenting as the sacred act it is. May we wake up and recognize healthy childhood environments create healthy adults. May we wake up and recognize that good parenting doesn’t mean perfect people— just the opposite. Healthy parenting means showing human flaws with grace and acceptance. May we wake up and recognise that secure parent-child relationships set adults up to be resilient, capable, able to create functional relationships, and less prone to disease,” wrote Psychologist Nicole LePera as she painted a picture of how healthy parenting impacts us:

Impact of parenting on the future of children(Pexels)

Doing it all: Healthy parenting involves creating the idea that a person is not capable of doing it all – this further helps children understand boundaries and having agencies as they grow up.

Apologising: It is important for parents to apologise to their children when they make a mistake. This helps children to understand how behavior can impact relationships.

Emotions: A healthy parent helps the child to express how they feel and does not define their worth just by their accomplishments. This helps the child to create better clarity about their emotions.

Response: When a parent is able to communicate with the child in a calm manner even when they are overwhelmed, it helps the child to learn to respond to their surroundings mindfully, and not react.

Support: Healthy parenting involves being there for the child and being their shoulder of support. This helps in chiseling the thoughts of the children with kind words.

Priorities: Healthy parenting involves sometimes putting themselves first and indulging in self-care. This teaches children to be selfish at times when they need to heal.

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