Vinali Bhatnagar: Seeing Salman Khan act was surreal | Bollywood

Actor Vinali Bhatnagar feels that nothing matters much for a debutant than to get work with the right people and for the project to see the light of the day.

Vinali Bhatnagar

“I have been auditioning like crazy and many a time reached the final stage too. I cleared auditions for the best in the business but something or the other didn’t match up and I had to start from the scratch. My focus was only films, so I had no option other than trying for the right break instead of opting for other mediums. But all the wait has been worthwhile after making a debut with Salman Khan. I remember getting a call for an audition while visiting a gurudwara. I went to the studio the next day and had to go for an audition the very same day,” says the Kisika Bhai, Kisiki Jaan actor who played the role of Chahat in the film.

Bhatnagar recalls meeting the star for the first time on the sets. She adds, “We got a couple of scenes with him. I remember, when I was shooting my first scene with him, I was totally zapped. I was like there is a Salman Khan film playing and I am watching it awestruck. It was a surreal experience; it took me a moment to realise that I was also part of the scene and I needed to act too (laughs). Also, I was surprised when he spoke to me about me being from Bhopal and the MP connect we had in common. It’s really amazing to see how he bonds with everyone on the sets and the way he’s involved in every department.”

On the film getting mixed reviews, she says, “See, it was a big film and I am happy with the response. Some earn critic reviews while some get public love. As far as this film is concerned, I am nobody to judge or assess. It was and will be a dream debut for me.” The actor is all set to shoot for her next soon.

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