Micckie Dudaney: Lucky to have witnessed best of both worlds

With a career spanning two decades, actor Micckie Dudaney feels it’s still a long way to go for him.

Micckie Dudaney

“It’s unbelievable that I have come this far from playing a central role in my debut show Saarrthi in 2004 to 2023 where I am still getting to play parallel lead. I have been a part of an era where the audience used to worship television artistes, whereas today the viewers can connect with them any time with ease – all thanks to social media. I consider myself extremely lucky that I got to witness the best of both worlds,” says the Udaan and Aap Ke Aa Jane Se actor.

Dudaney, who has 16 shows to his credit, adds that competition was high in those years too. “When I joined TV, I was an undergrad, raring to go youngster. My debut happened with sheer destiny, without much effort and the show went on for over four years. Uss waqt bhi competition bahut tha because there were lesser number of channels and no other medium. Today, if the competition is high then you have many more avenues to balance it.”

The actor believes that taking breaks does not always work in an artiste’s favour. “I took a break of three years after my show Choti Bahu. And, it backfired because returning and re-spacing myself in the industry was the real struggle for me. I had to restart with cameos and slowly regained my place.”

Currently Dudaney is busy with another TV daily for now. “As my last show Raj Mahal got over, I got to play a really layered character in Doosri Maa. The show has been on for over a year now and I hopped on the wagon a little late but no regrets as I am enjoying being the new joinee on the set,” he concludes.

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