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Asthma is a lung disease leading to the narrowing of the airways and is blocked by excess mucus thus, one will have breathing problems. The symptoms of asthma are wheezing, fatigue, cough, chest tightness and even weakness and if left untreated, asthma can lead to higher morbidity and mortality rates in the country.

Health expert on the best treatments for asthma (Shutterstock)

The causes of asthma can be attributed to pollen, dust mites, feathers, smoke, fumes, and pollution thus, it will be imperative for one to seek treatment without any delay. You will have to follow the instructions given by the doctor only and you should know that symptoms are controlled via medication only.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Abhijit Ahuja, Pulmonologist at Zen Multispeciality Hospital in Chembur, suggested the following as the best treatments for asthma:

· You need to sit with the doctor and decide on the action plan. One will be prescribed medication to manage the symptoms of asthma. You shouldn’t self-medicate as doing so can be risky. You will have to note down the triggers and manage them accordingly.

· Take bronchodilators which are medications beneficial for making breathing easier by relaxing the muscles in the lungs and widening the airways (bronchi). They can help to deal with the symptoms of asthma. You should take the medication in the mentioned dosage. Do not skip the medication at all. If you are taking steroids then you will have to do so under the guidance of the treating doctor.

· One can even take injections. If you are detected with severe asthma then injections containing medicines called biologic therapies are given to the patient. These can help to control the symptoms of asthma. These medications are not advised to each and every one. The doctor will examine you and then only recommend the symptoms.

· Bronchial thermoplasty is the type of surgery that can be recommended by the doctor for asthma patients.

· One with asthma will have to do breathing exercises to improve lung capacity. You can ask the expert about the exercises that are suitable for you.

· Follow a well-balanced diet. It will be imperative for you to eat well. Avoid eating foods that are high in fat and calories. Stay away from sweets, desserts, sodas, and colas. Take supplements advised by the doctor only and do not go overboard on them.

· Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes every day and you will surely feel better. But, do not do any rigorous activities. You will have to speak to the fitness trainer before initiating any fitness routine.

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